20 December 2022



I definitely love Italy. Who doesn’t love them? Beautiful views, outstanding architecture, delicious food, very good wine, and nice people! Always laid back, smiling, and incredibly helpful. Once this year I was even forced to use “hitchhiking”. Unfortunately, no bus was running anymore. I didn’t even wait five minutes for a smiling Italian who was ready to give me a lift. He did not understand English, but sign language abroad, is the best form of communication 🙂 I have a lot of such stories related to Italy and its people. We have visited Italy many times and never get tired of it. Among other things, I photographed a wedding in Tuscany and in Rome. I have done wedding outdoor sessions in Rome, Tuscany, and in Liguria. A wedding session in Italy? I love doing them! Every wedding photographer dreams about it. Italy is definitely our second home. We feel perfectly at home there.


When Natalia and Kuba wrote that they were getting married in Italy and wanted me to photograph the most important event in their lives, I was overjoyed. I couldn’t wait directly for our trip to Liguria. Natalia and Kuba held their wedding in Portovenere. It was my first visit to this city, but something tells me it won’t be the last. There is no better combination than the sea and the mountains! In the foreground are beautiful pastel-colored townhouses stretching along the shore, and just behind them is the emerging castle – Castello Doria. The wedding took place in a church that was built on a rock. What could be more romantic than a wedding on a cliff with a breathtaking view of the sea? If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Italy, Portovenere is a really great choice.


Portovenere is deserted in the morning. Italians are not likely to be morning birds and at sunrise can be found occasionally. Very good!!! Because our plans just included a sunrise session. On the day of the wedding, we took some frames during sunset, but the wedding session took place the next day. And it was a hit. We had 2-time slots with the best light. And how different from each other. Everything worked out perfectly. The frames came out amazing!