14 October 2022

Wedding in Italy – Bonassola

Italy – the perfect place for a wedding

I have been to Italy 4 times already. After each stay I fall in love with this country more and more. Italy cannot be compared with any other country. Beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains, delicious food, melodious language. And then there are them. Italians. I don’t know a more temperamental nation. Italians have their own driving code. Driving in Rome ends in me every time with a mini heart attack. Therefore, when you don’t have to – I recommend choosing public transportation ; )

Wedding in Liguria – Bonassola

My stay in Italy this year started in Liguria. I spent a week there. And I think I like this region of Italy the best. It definitely has the feel of Italy within Italy. And Bonassola is quintessential Liguria. A small town with narrow streets, colorful houses, beautiful beaches, and traditional food. Simply the perfect place for a wedding in Italy. 

Chapel in Bonassola

The chapel suspended on the rocks of Madonnina Della Punta in Bonassola is undoubtedly an attraction. But it’s also a place where truly unique wedding ceremonies take place. It is impossible to pass by it indifferently. It is the perfect place for an intimate wedding just for two or with the closest people. If you decide to get married there – I am sure you will not regret it. This place is breathtaking. The beautiful landscape all around makes you feel like you are in a movie.