19 October 2021

Engagement session abroad – Are you tempted?

During the pandemic, our plans and lifestyles have changed. Now it is more difficult to anticipate anything, think about foreign trips or even organize a wedding. That’s why we remember with fondness the times when overseas sessions were at hand, and we hope it will soon be possible again

Engagement session abroad

If you are dreaming of an engagement session abroad, I’m sure you already have some ideas and travel destinations in your head. Perhaps it’s where you met, where you went on your first trip together, where you lived for a while, or just your next trip together. Today I will show you inspiration from a session in Mallorca. And you – what direction will you choose?

Engagement session at a dream location

What can I advise? It’s definitely worth combining an engagement session abroad with a longer stay in the destination. This will also give you more special memories. Plan your trip, choose places that are suitable for the session, or rely on a professional and make the most of your time together!

Engagement session despite adversity

If you dream of realizing a session under the current conditions, it may be better to opt for a more spontaneous trip. The situation in the world changes very dynamically, flights are canceled, and borders are closed. Such unpleasant surprises can disrupt your vision of the session and the perfect trip. Certainly, now you will find much last-minute flight offers that will be attractively priced, so it is worth keeping track of the situation. You can also decide to travel together by car, so you can avoid major clusters, and maybe even find beautiful places for the session on the way! I am even sure of it 🙂