2 December 2021


Outfit for engagement session

Be prepared: once you’ve booked your session date, it’s time to take care of your outfit. Whether you plan to borrow a dress from your best friend or sister, buy something new from your favorite store, or wear something you already have in your closet, I’m here for you. Just don’t wait until the last minute and match your clothes to the weather!

Punctuality at the engagement session

Be at the session location early: it’s just about one thing – to start shooting on time. I shoot mostly with natural light, so it is very important not to be late. We scheduled the session for a specific time for a reason – amazing light! Therefore, come early. I recommend arriving 10 minutes before the session starts so you can sit down, relax. The photo session is a pleasure and fun. Even if you are late, the session still ends at the same hour. The golden hour lasts one hour – unfortunately, I don’t make these rules 😀 Therefore, come early to the agreed place. Did I tell you to arrive early? Come early!!! 🙂

What to prepare for the engagement session?

Remember to always be prepared for the “elements”. If you have established a location in the midst of nature – honor the bugs, ticks, and mosquitoes. Prepare all necessary snacks, sprays, water, and appropriate footwear before you arrive.

Natural photos during engagement session

Last tip: Portraits are best when you are yourself. Just because the camera is pointed at you doesn’t mean you have to look at it. Very often the best frames are created when you are interacting with each other and enjoying the moment, rather than focusing on posing. Be patient and positive. I promise that even if some of my ideas seem crazy to you, the end result will be much better than you expect.

See my recent engagement session of beautiful Kaiti and handsome George. We did the session in Athens.