2 October 2022

Post-wedding session on the Błędowska Desert

For the post-wedding session with Patrycja and Mateusz, we rushed to the Bledowska Desert. Southern Poland, it’s one of the few places where you can feel the natural sand under your feet. And it’s definitely worth taking off your shoes! Beautiful natural light and emotions of lovers – that’s all it takes to create an amazing atmosphere at the session and create beautiful frames.

All my brides who have worked with me know very well that I am a huge fan of dynamic photos. Of course, static poses will always be in your galleries, but it is the crazy photos that have the most magic in them. That’s why I always try to introduce a relaxed atmosphere during the session to encourage a bit of craziness. And that’s how photos are taken while running, dancing, or lifting the bride of various kinds. Lately, I don’t go anywhere without my little portable speaker. And guess what? If there’s just something that will make you feel more confident in front of the camera, I’m most likely already using it! 🙂