6 July 2022

Photoshoot in the Tatra Mountains

Photo session in the mountains

Is it worth traveling so far for a session? Does location matter so much in photography? I think there is no clear answer to these questions. It all depends on how important photography is to you nowadays. For me, it consumes me completely, so I spend long hours looking for interesting locations. For others, it’s just photos that another person forced them to take. And both approaches are ok (that’s my official approach, privately I don’t understand how you can’t love photography :P). But even a stunning location or beautiful lighting won’t help if there is no emotion in the photos.

The best place in the mountains for a photo shoot

What place in the mountains to choose? There are plenty of possibilities. The Tatra Mountains are beautiful and you can really choose from breathtaking places. Morskie Oko, Lapszanka, Kościeliska Valley are places where photos can’t go wrong. We opted for the Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy and Hala Gąsienicowa. And it was definitely a hit. Thanks to the fact that my couple is in very good physical condition (much better than I am :P), we could afford to cover more kilometers than usual. So our photo walk was combined with a good workout.

Weather during the session in the mountains

It is certainly worth checking the forecast in advance, but remember that in the mountains the weather can change very quickly. So you need to be prepared for its change at any time. An umbrella may not be the best solution, but a rain jacket is. Comfortable shoes are a necessity in the mountains at all times, whether you are going trekking or on a photo shoot.

What to bring with you for a photo shoot in the mountains?

  1. First of all, a comfortable outfit. If you want different clothes for the photos, you can easily change.
  2. The same goes for shoes. 
    It is worth taking mosquito repellent. I make no secret of the fact that I always mention it on all lists, because more than once it saved my session 🙂
  3. Provisions. It’s not about taking food for the whole week. But snacks and water are something that must be in your backpack. Your comfort is always the most important thing for me. Hungry you certainly won’t have the strength to pose.
  4. A good mood is essential. Only charged with positive energy will we create something cool. Remember that we will not do anything by force. Natural photos are always a priority for me.

And on this shoot there was definitely no lack of emotion in the photos. A photo session is all about having fun. For you and for me!