5 August 2022


Outdoor wedding in Wroclaw

What a wedding it was! Beautiful, colorful with a whole lot of surprises for the guests and for me (because so many dance attractions during the wedding I have never seen before!) I was invited to photograph the beautiful love of Edyta and Evans in a fantastic place. The wedding took place at the Piławski Dwór near Wrocław and the venue turned out to be a hit! The surroundings of the hall perfectly matched the idyllic atmosphere of an outdoor wedding. The surroundings were quiet and peaceful. And the bride and groom? I lack the words to describe what wonderful, warm and kind people they are. This will definitely be one of those weddings that I will remember for the rest of my life.

International wedding in Wroclaw

The groom – Evans is of Nigerian descent, so a significant number of guests were from abroad. This added to the incredible charm of the entire ceremony and wedding. International weddings are fantastic to photograph. There really is a lot going on at them! In the case of my bride and groom, the highlight of the wedding was the costume change. Edith and Evans are very committed to tradition. And one of the traditions in Nigeria is to wear colorful outfits at the wedding. The bride is Polish, so it was obvious that there would be 2 outfits. And what kind!

Polish-Nigerian wedding in Poland

Recently, weddings in Poland organized by foreigners are becoming more and more popular. This does not surprise me. Poland has really great organizational facilities related to weddings. Prices are also definitely lower than in our neighbors in the west. I must also mention that the quality of services offered in Poland is really top-notch. Polish wedding photographers are valued around the world for their talent and expertise, they know languages to communicate with guests of other nationalities, and they understand the differences and cultural nuances that you need to pay special attention to when working on an international wedding.

In my portfolio, you will find plenty of international weddings. If you would like to see more photos from other weddings – email me! I will be very happy to send galleries for full reportages.

Be sure to view all the photos to the very end. The fun frames are always my favorite. And at this wedding, a large part of the guests were professional dancers! It was happening!!!