5 August 2022


What a wedding it was! Beautiful, colorful with a whole lot of surprises for the guests and for me (because so many dance attractions during the wedding I have never seen before!) I was invited to photograph the beautiful love of Edyta and Evans in a fantastic place. The wedding took place at the Piławski Dwór near Wrocław and the venue turned out to be a hit! The surroundings of the hall perfectly matched the idyllic atmosphere of an outdoor wedding. The surroundings were quiet and peaceful. And the bride and groom? I lack the words to describe what wonderful, warm and kind people they are. This will definitely be one of those weddings that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Be sure to view all the photos to the very end. The fun frames are always my favorite. And at this wedding, a large part of the guests were professional dancers! It was happening!!!