21 December 2022

Elopement in Rome


Klara and Paweł said “I do” to each other in one of the most beautiful churches I’ve been to. The incredible emotions that accompanied them during the ceremony spilled over to me as well. I myself shed a few tears. I hid them behind my cameras. During this wedding in Rome I also had a second very important task (if not as important as photographing this beautiful ceremony) – I was also a witness. Klara and Paweł decided to get married only in their company. Thus, apart from the priest and the wedding planner, there was only me with them. It was a very intimate, yet Italian wedding.


We started the wedding session right after the ceremony to catch the most beautiful light at sunset. Rome at this time is simply amazing. The colors that paint the colorful streets are breathtaking. We started at the Musei Capitolini. I think it is the most beautiful place in all of Rome for a post-wedding session. If I had to choose only one place to do the session – I would choose Musei Capitolini. You can take a wide variety of frames there: columns, an arch, huge statues, beautiful stairs, and a view of the Roman Forum. Rome in a nutshell. You can only spend a whole day in this place. We stayed there until sunset. We started our sunrise session from the Fontana Di Trevi. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck, because even before sunrise there was already a wild crowd of Instagrammers fighting for the perfect shot. Living in Rome in 2021, almost every day this place was empty at this hour, but peak season, unfortunately, has its rights. We had more luck at the Pantheon. There we were already able to photograph the empty and majestic building in peace. At the very end, we walked through the most charming district of Trastevre to the very heart of the Vatican. I think we took in total about 30000 steps. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


This is a question that everyone must answer for themselves. I think that a little bit of craziness in life has never hurt anyone yet, and the post-wedding session is done only once in a lifetime. So when, if not now? Of course, the cost is higher than a session organized near your home. But really, isn’t Rome worth the beautiful frames, which will be memories for a lifetime? I spent a whole 2 months in Rome in 2021. It was one of the greatest adventures of my life. I don’t think there’s any place I wouldn’t have stuck my finger in (or where I wouldn’t have pressed the shutter button with my finger :P). If you’re worried about organizing a trip, I’d be happy to help. Really, planning gives me great pleasure and a lot of fun. I will be very happy if my tips help you organize your adventure. Because it will be an adventure. You will return with wonderful memories and beautiful souvenirs in the form of your photos. Is it worth going to Rome for your post-wedding session? HELL YEAH