A few words about me | Paula Steuer Photography

I'm Paula

My adventure with photography hasn’t started in a typical way. In high school I wanted to attract my future husband so I joined the photography club and became a model. Then I didn’t own a camera yet I didn’t think I would like to be a photographer. But the strategy succeeded – except for my soul mate, I gained the passion, which started to be my profession too.

„Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”

- Robert Brensson

The shots are usually taken by mirrorless cameras in which I am able to turn off the sound of a shutter. I’m trying to be invisible so you can feel more comfortable. I’m doing this to catch the most beautiful moments of your life, when you don’t expect anything.


I believe all roads lead
to the beach


Because the most beautiful things in the world are priceless

Little things about me

I’m addicted to planning…. everything! My masters are Paul Nicklen and Marcin Dobas Travelling is like food for my soul I don’t have green fingers for plants I’m a radiographer by profession I regularly practise yoga for my health I believe that Hogwart really exists
54°18′20″N - 18°44′36″E

Available worldwide!

I come from Silesian region of Poland. But the distance between us don’t play any role. I’ll come wherever you invite me.

So, where are we going to meet?