13 April 2023

Styled shoot in Cracow

Hello Everyone! Today, I would like to share with you a unique stylized photo shoot that took place in Krakow. This session aimed to highlight the beauty and magic of fairy tale wedding dresses and unique floral decorations. These photos will surely inspire every bride-to-be!

Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses and Romantic Floral Decorations

Incredibly beautiful models had the opportunity to showcase wonderful wedding creations, complemented by the floral decorations specially created for the occasion. The romantic flowers added a unique atmosphere to the session, and the fairy tale setting of Crakow completed the entire experience.

Floral-Photographic Workshops: Your Chance to Learn from the Professionals

The session took place during the floral-photographic workshops I organized together with the talented florist from @lato_babie. During these workshops, participants could gain valuable experience and learn how to create unique floral compositions and capture them in photographs.

Crakow – A City Full of Inspiration and Fairy Tale Atmospheres

Crakow, as the backdrop for the session, added incredible charm to the entire event. The historic apartment made the photos gain depth and exceptional character. Fairy tale wedding dresses and romantic floral decorations made each photo a mesmerizing love story.

Join Our Next Workshops and Discover Your Passion

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