6 July 2022

Rooftop photo session in the city

Photo session on the roof

I’ve been thinking about a rooftop session for some time now. I think I will still do a similar session someday. My expectations were huge, but I was not disappointed even in the slightest. In this case, I did not have to do so much. And after literally 30 minutes I had almost a thousand photos, every frame of which was on point. I sat down to hard-picked frames and edited them literally in one breath. The rooftop of a skyscraper overlooking the entire city is the perfect place to shoot an engagement session.

Rooftop session at sunrise

It’s no secret that photos come out best at the golden hour, which is sunrise and sunset. I’m a terrible sleepyhead, so I’ve always been more of a sunset follower, but this time I didn’t have much of an option, and Ala and Patrick’s engagement session took place at sunrise. This was dictated by the fact that in order to do the session there, I had to go to a lot of trouble to get permission to photograph there. I received permission for a specific time and day. It worked out! And the results of the session speak for themselves.

Rooftop session in Silesia

Admittedly, my dream was to photograph the couple on the roof of some larger and more picturesque city such as Krakow, but Silesia can be really photogenic too. Katowice is very photogenic if you look for the right location. You can conjure up magic in photos literally anywhere, you just have to want to. Next time, maybe one of my couples can be persuaded to take photos at sunset overlooking Warsaw? Why not!

Beautiful Ala and Patryk