19 March 2022


What is Elopement?
The first thing you probably want to know is probably what elopement is. Fortunately, the modern definition of elopement goes far beyond the old “elopement to get married in secret.” In fact, elopement these days means a small, intimate and authentic wedding, focused on the experiences and emotions of your special day. An elopement is a stress-free celebration that truly reflects your values and personalities as a couple and gives you absolute freedom to create a unique wedding without any rules.

Why elopement? Every couple has their own reasons for elopement: some prefer a smaller and more intimate wedding, some want to give their guests an unforgettable experience, others want to go on an adventure that follows their soul. If you are planning an intimate and stress-free celebration, 100% focused on your love, a getaway is definitely what you are looking for. You will then skip the boring traditions and crowded ceremonies. Instead, you will focus on the experience. You will be able to create your own wedding day, according to your own rules.

The cool thing about trips is that they can take place anywhere you want. How about traveling to your dream destination and celebrating your wedding day against the backdrop of an amazing landscape? Especially if you take your closest family and friends with you, the destination trip will be an unforgettable experience. The possibilities are endless. Talk to your photographer and get inspired!

And if I have tempted you to take a wedding getaway, be sure to email me and let’s start planning your elopement together! It will be my pleasure to be your private wedding photographer during an amazing elopement.

Pictured is the couple Daria and Tomek